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2019 Conference Handouts

Sessions List

A1 Snapshot of Adulthood

A2 Gastrointestinal issues in CHARGE syndrome

A3 Motor Skills Balance Physical Activity

A4 IEP Like a Pro

A5 CHARGE 101_102 diagnosis, features sensory deficits

B7 Sex Hormones, Puberty and Teaching Safe Sexuality Stratton Kirk

B8 Sleep in Children with CHARGE syndrome

B9 Interpreters Interveners SSP – Morrow

B10 “Why are Children with CHARGE Syndrome So Lazy_” David Brown

B11 CHARGE 101_102 sensory deficits behavior

C13 Counseling parents of children with CHARGE HARTSHORNE

C14 The Deafblind Communicator Montgomery

C15 Ear and Hearing Management in CHARGE Choo

C16 Autism or CHARGE, Maier _ Belote

C17 CHARGE 103 Communication, Play and Passions

C18 For Adults with CHARGE

D19 Sibling Panel Beavers Lent

D20 Creating Communication Opportunities and Diversifying Choice-Making Bashinski

D21 Oh, the Places They Could Go- Why Your Child Needs a Transition Plan Anderson Kilbert

D22 Airway and Anesthesia Risks for Individuals With CHARGE Syndrome. How Can You Advocate for Best Practice_ Blake Hart

D23 Win_Win. When Parent and Nurse become Co-Advocates Marcheschi Lobaugh

D24 For Adults with CHARGE

E25 Proprioceptive Training Elizabeth Foster E26 Meeting the need of proficient communicators

E27 A visual walk through (understanding) of the ophthalmic pathway in CHARGE. Dosunmu

E28 “CHARGE Syndrome Is Only a Part of You!”- How and When To Tell Your Child They Have CHARGE Syndrome

E29 Feeding Difficulties and Aspiration in CHARGE Syndrome Catherine Hart

E30 HKNC Programs Supporting Transition

F31 APE Specialists and Parents Collaborate_ A Dynamic Discussion of Physical Gross Motor Needs, Fitness, and Sport for Children with CHARGE

F32 The Endocrine System in CHARGE Syndrome Meilan Rutter

F33 Friendships, Belonging and Connection Last

F34 “I Wish They Could Tell Me What They Need”- Increasing Communication Through Behavior Stratton

F35 Behavioral Strategies Feeding-Smith

F36 Sensing Connections, Cote _ Wolfe

G37 Preparing the body and the environment. Orientation and mobility for individuals with CHARGE syndrome

G38 Promoting Social Skill Development in Children with CHARGE, Schmittel

G39 Sharing photos handouts

G40 An Interactive Seminar in Genetics_ All You Want to Know About the Genetics of CHARGE Syndrome deGeus

G41 Trying to make sense of behavior HARTSHORNE

G42 Organizing Contexts for Adult Life. Wiley

H43 Interveners – Key Members of the Educational Team Kennedy

H43 Interveners, Comparison of Possible Supports, Kennedy

H44 Unlocking the Door to an Enviable Life Nancy Hartshorne Handout

H45 Growth in CHARGE syndrome, Dijk

H46 Taking CHARGE of the Classroom

H47 Functional Analyses and CHARGE

2019 Conference EWRAP

Adult Panel 2019

Poster Cawthon Sharing Information with Caregivers

Poster Cote Partnering to give parents a voice

Poster Weatherly Fatigue-A Proposed Study

Poster Slavin An Educational Checklist for CHARGE Syndrome

Poster Hanlon Parent decision-making in the use of Psychotropic medications

Poster CMU Lab

Poster Parker Sensory Integration Therapies in the CHARGE Syndrome Community

Poster Brown Anxiety in CHARGE Syndrome

Poster Muhn Post-traumatic growth in parents

Poster Jarnigin Prevalence of balance issues in individuals with CHARGE syndrome

Poster Randle Breakdowns in Parent and Professional Communication

Poster Antonelli Development of a transition resource app for parents

Poster Muhn Effects of a Modified Version of Tai Chi _Fun Chi_ on Academic Engagement

Poster Anderson_Improving adaptive behavior in a child with CHARGE Syndrome

Poster Anderson_Why your child needs a transition plan

Poster Bennett Improving Your Student’s IEP

Poster Dosunmu. A visual understanding of the 
ophthalmic pathway in CHARGE

Poster Maier “All About Me” Journals

Poster Bell Charting the LifeCourse

Poster Bennett Making the role of teachers for students with DeafBlindness work for your district

Poster Chedrawe Gut microbiome survey in individuals with CHARGE

Poster The Bulldog CHARGE Syndrome Research Lab

Poster Bielas Novel genetic etiologies of CHARGE syndrome

Poster Davenport Fellowship

Poster deGeus. All you want to know about the genetics of CHARGE syndrome

Poster Dinwiddie. Orientation and Mobility for individuals with CHARGE Syndrome

Poster Drew. How a Feed Study Changed My Life. 
No More Overnight Pump!

Poster Fairchild The Ins and Outs of IEP Goals

Poster Hartshorne Trying to make sense Out of behavior

Poster Hartshorne Counseling Parents of Children with CHARGE

Poster Kennert Investigation of two methods for treating sleep problems

Poster Krueger Developing zebrafish models

Poster MacLean response to anesthesia in a zebrafish model of CHARGE syndrome

Poster Mathis Examining attitudes towards sexuality

Poster Smith behavioral strategies to 
address feeding difficulties

Poster Mathis Assessing the Quality of Behavior Services

Poster Montgomery From interaction to emerging language

Poster Morrison.POTS in Adolescents and Young Adults

Poster Quintero ABA, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, or Word of Mouth

Poster Ritter Conserved Roles for CHD7

Poster Sorrel Physical Education Accommodations

Poster Swanson Unique pattern of social skills

PD Bielas Novel genetic etiologies of CHARGE syndrome

PD Blaha Meeting the Needs Of Students with CHARGE Syndrome With Proficient Communication Skills

PD Blake Gastrointestinal (GI) and Feeding Difficulties in CHARGE Syndrome_ The Guts Of It

PD Hartshorne The CHARGE Syndrome Research Lab at Central Michigan University

PD Collins Take CHARGE in the Classroom

PD Dinwiddie Orientation and Mobility Strategies to Address Balance and Stability

PD Graves The IFHE_ Functional Hearing and the IEP PD Hart Feeding Difficulties and Aspiration in CHARGE Syndrome

PD Hartshorne Behavior Trying To Make Sense Out Of Behavior

PD Kennert Investigation of two methods for treating sleep problems among children with CHARGE syndrome

PD Kirk Puberty and CHARGE

PD MacLean Investigating the Response To Anesthesia In A Zebrafish Model of CHARGE Syndrome

PD Martin CSF-Sponsored Research_ Past and Future

PD Quintero ABA, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, or word of mouth_ What treatment is right for my child_

PD Ripple Linking assessment to intervention_ Functional analyses and CHARGE

PD Schmittel Promoting Social Skill Development 
in Children with CHARGE

PD Slavin An educational checklist for CHARGE syndrome

PD Smith Application of Behavioral Strategies To Address Feeding Difficulties Among Children with CHARGE Syndrome

PD Wiley Heubi Sleep in Children with CHARGE Syndrome