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The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation champions the lifelong potential of people with CHARGE syndrome through outreach, education and research.

Profiles in CHARGE

Twelve-year-old Gabriela (Gabi) Gavarret’s love of horses has always been therapeutic for her. She started riding horses when she was three years old in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and started walking a few months later.

“I truly believe that the therapeutic horseback riding was essential to help Gabi strengthen her core and balance so she could start walking by herself when she was three years old,” says her mother, Marina. “It made all the difference.”

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Fundraiser Spotlight

On September 25th, the inaugural Bill McCarthy Memorial Golf Tournament was held at Normanside Country Club in Delmar New York. Bill’s grandson Will has CHARGE, and since his birth his grandfather Bill was a source of love and unending support.

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