A better world for people with CHARGE syndrome.

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation champions the lifelong potential of people with CHARGE syndrome through outreach, education and research.

Profiles in CHARGE

Young man in a suit stands in front of flags of Peru, holding an award.

Piero works with people with Charge syndrome in Peru and Latin America, providing knowledge and emotional support about the syndrome as well as raising awareness about it in their social networks. He recently received recognition from the Government Palace, on the “Day of the Person with Disabilities”, for being an example of struggle, improvement, and resilience, demonstrating that with effort and dedication they are the key to achieving goals, overcoming barriers and creating a more inclusive society.

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Program Spotlight

“We could not be more thankful for the Medical Travel Assistance Program offered through the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. We live in Georgia, and travel up to Cincinnati for our son Knox’s medical care.

The process to apply each time was quick and the application is easy to fill out. We have both driven and flown and have used this funding for gas, food, and flights.

I highly encourage everyone to apply when traveling for care. It has truly been the biggest blessing for our family!” -Sydney P.

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