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New Diagnosis

Welcome. You may be feeling shocked, afraid, and confused, but you’re not alone. We’ve all been there and we can help you make sense of the challenges your son, daughter, family member, or friend might face.  We invite you to take these first three steps as you begin to learn more about CHARGE and what the Foundation offers families in terms of support. Most importantly, welcome to our family.

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Director of Outreach


Get direct support from our Director of Outreach, Sheri Stanger.  Sheri can answer your questions and direct you to available resources in your area, including parent contact lists for local families and a list of professionals familiar with CHARGE in your area. Call 1-855-524-2743 (toll free USA and Canada) or email sheri@chargesyndrome.org.



Additional resources

Explore the website – you’ll find a lot of helpful information, including the following and much more:
CHARGE Syndrome Management Manual
– The CHARGE Syndrome Management Manual for Parents breaks down CHARGE into some of its components. The Medical sections are by body system, for physicians and for parents. The Developmental sections include information about development and education, with special emphasis on sensory deficits. (Also available in Spanish)
CHARGE Accounts Newsletters
Past CHARGE Conference Papers




Make connections: a great way to learn about CHARGE syndrome is to connect with and learn from other parents and young adults. In addition to contacting our Director of Outreach for a list of families in your area, you’ll find a supportive, active, welcoming community on our Facebook group.

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