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Medical Features

Every individual with CHARGE is unique, each with his or her own collection of medical challenges. Spending time in hospital is a fact of life for many children with CHARGE. Multiple surgeries are very common.

CHARGE syndrome is complex and your child will likely see many specialists, not all of whom will be familiar with CHARGE. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Share what you’ve learned with your medical team and make every effort to get the specialists to work together to treat the whole child.

The About CHARGE pages contain information about the medical issues associated with CHARGE syndrome, including Airway & Breathing, Feeding & Swallowing, Eyes & Vision, Ears & Hearing, and Heart.

The CHARGE Syndrome Management Manual for Parents is our resource for medical, educational, and developmental information. The Manual includes sections for the medical specialists your child might see The manual is available in English and Spanish.
English Version
Spanish Version