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CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Day

Yellow and Blue puzzle pieces fit together with a blue and yellow awareness ribbonAbout CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Day

The first CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Day will be held internationally on August 8th. This marks the day the first paper on the discovery of the CHD7 gene was published by Professor Conny van Ravenswaaij-Arts (August 8, 2004). This day aims to raise awareness of the variability of CHARGE syndrome to help improve diagnosis and access to best practice interventions.

CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Day 2024

This year’s theme is CHARGE: How do you spell it? The goal is to present the word ‘CHARGE’ in a variety of ways to show the variability of CHARGE syndrome.

Here are some ways that you can participate using this year’s theme:

  • Spell the word CHARGE by using a variety of materials or methods. Use Lego bricks or Scrabble tiles; get some friends to form human letters; write it in the sand or even in the sky; fingerspell it or fingerpaint it; crochet it or knit it; bake the letters or write them on a cake; or have CHARGE lit up in lights or hoisted up a flagpole.
  • Be creative! Take a photo of your creation and share it on social media to show how different CHARGE can look around the world.
  • Use the following hashtags when sharing your story on social media: #CHARGESyndromeAwarenessDay #CHARGEHowDoYouSpellIt #CHARGENoTwoPeopleAreTheSame #CHARGEMoreThanAnAcronym
  • Follow the CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Day Facebook Page: CHARGE-Syndrome Awareness Day.
  • Join the CHARGE Syndrome Awareness Facebook Group: CHARGE-Syndrome Awareness Day – International Group
  • Show your support by wearing CHARGE syndrome apparel. Click here to shop our Awareness Store.

Join us on August 8, 2024 to raise awareness of CHARGE syndrome around the world!