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Education Professional Packet

If you are an educator or therapist with a student/client with CHARGE syndrome, this information is for you. This packet was developed to provide a brief introduction to the complex world of CHARGE and some strategies to consider in education and therapeutic settings.

Read the ASHA Leader reprint for an overview of genetics, clinical diagnosis, ears and hearing, feeding, behavior and education and David Brown’s article on Behavior in CHARGE. After that, pick and choose sections that apply more directly to your area(s).

The full packet can be downloaded here.

Introduction to Packet

Table of Contents

ASHA Leader Review Article of CHARGE Syndrome by James Thelin and Lori Swanson (Editors)

Behavior in CHARGE by David Brown

Welcoming the Child in the Classroom by Laurie Denno

Origins of Behavior by Martha Majors & Pam Ryan

Physical Needs by Maryann Girardi

Occupational Therapy by Anna Shinkfield

Speech and Language Therapy by Lisa Anne Guerra

Technical Assistance by Betsy McGinnity

Technical Assistance by Donna Bent

Oral Motor and Feeding by Anna Shinkfield and Lisa Anne Guerra

Educational Needs by Martha Majors and Sharon Stelzer

Resources for Teachers by Betsy McGinnity