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The 2015 Davenport Fellows

The 2015 Davenport Fellows with Sandra Davenport (5th from right) and Meg Hefner (6th from right)

Sandra Davenport CHARGE Syndrome Fellows Program

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is committed to nurturing and educating professionals who have an interest in CHARGE syndrome. The Davenport Fellowship program brings professionals (clinical, research, therapeutic, educational) early in their careers to the International CHARGE Syndrome Conferences. Conferences provide an ideal opportunity for professionals to learn more about CHARGE, interact with one another, and get to know families.

The program is named in honor of Sandra Davenport, MD, a medical geneticist with expertise in sensory deficits who was on the original board of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. Sandra set the tone for conferences from the beginning – making sure medical and education professionals interact with one another and ensuring that the conference is a family-friendly place. Her expertise in sensory deficits and deafblindness influenced a generation of CHARGE professionals.

The next application period will be prior to the 2023 Conference.

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