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Fundraising Recognition

Photo of a group top fundraisers in red hats on stage at conference

THANK YOU to all of our fundraisers – everything we are able to accomplish as a Foundation would not be possible without your ongoing support. You truly are helping to make the world a better place for people with CHARGE.

Conferences is one of the major activities of the Foundation.  We always keep track and thank our wonderful fundraisers from Conference to Conference.

Below are the fundraisers recognized at our 2023 International CHARGE Syndrome Conference in Orlando, FL.
If you or someone you know is not listed or miscategorized, or if you would prefer not to have your name displayed publicly, please accept our apology and email us immediately info@chargesyndrome.org.

If you would like to learn more about fundraising for the Foundation:

1. Ways to Fundraise

2. Plan a fundraiser

3. Fundraising Ideas

4. E-mail our President & Fundraising Chair, David Wolfe, at David@chargesyndrome.org