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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 

CHARGE Syndrome can impact any person and any community. It impacts people across all lines, including race, ethnicity, culture, identity, and income. The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation actively and authentically includes people of diverse identities, perspectives, and abilities as we lead and partner to improve the lives of people with CHARGE Syndrome. We recognize that both privilege and impediment take many forms, and that disparities exist in the experiences and outcomes of individuals and communities. We believe in leveraging privilege, removing barriers, and creating safe space to ensure that every member of our CHARGE family has equitable access to participate to their fullest in our programs and governance. The journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion is as challenging as it is essential. Along the way, when we encounter opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and as an organization, we embrace them with humility and humanity. We’re better for it. Our outreach, education, and research are better for it. In practice, this commitment will evolve over time. We will ensure that every effort reflects the lessons we have learned and the respect we have for each member of our community. Our mission is too important—our potential with and for families too great—to do anything less.