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The Foundation depends heavily on the fundraising efforts of its members, family, and friends because we receive no federal or state funding. We are so appreciative of the efforts of all of our amazing fundraisers. More than 90% of the monies raised go directly to help fund our programs, research grants, outreach, and conferences. Whether you prefer online fundraising like Facebook, Charge it for CHARGE, or hosting a local event, the Foundation can assist you in your fundraising goals. Please contact David Wolfe, President and Fundraising Chair, at david@chargesyndrome.org with any questions about fundraising.



Fundraise with Facebook

Go to this link to create a Facebook Fundraiser.

Click below for instructions on how to create your own Facebook fundraiser for the Foundation. 

Facebook How-To


Charge It For CHARGE


Charge It for CHARGE (CIFC)

Become a fundraiser or donor. You can use e-mail and social media to raise funds for the Foundation.
Your support helps fund research, outreach, and biennial international conferences. You can make a difference!

Click here for a quick tutorial on how to set up your fundraising page.

Click here for CIFC fundraising ideas.


Other Fundraising Ideas

We support all forms of fundraising and encourage all creative ideas. Friends of the Foundation have come up with many different and unique ways to help raise money for the Foundation. Here are just a few examples of what our supporters have done: parties, runs/walks, yard sales, sporting events, and more!

Below are some ideas that other families have used successfully to fundraise for the Foundation:

Read More About Fundraising Events

(Click on any of the photos to expand)

Parties: Do you enjoy getting together with family and friends? Do you like to entertain? Then consider turning your next party into a fundraiser.

Jay & Julie Brandrup –  “It All Adds Up” Birthday Party
Ray & Lynn Lee – “Hula Day” Birthday Party

Runs/Walks: Organizing a 5K run/walk is a great way to involve family, friends, and others in a fun, fitness-oriented activity.

Sandy & Phil Kurby – Joshua Kurby Charge for CHARGE 5K
Kristen Matthew – Tyler Trot 5K Walk and Run

Sporting Events: Is golf your thing? Hockey? Bowling? Turn your favorite pastime into a profitable fundraiser.
École Millidgeville North Stars- Stars for CHARGE Cheerleading Competition
Chuck Chandler & Mike Brennan – CHARGE Across America

Change for CHARGE: Do you have change that find at the bottom of your purse or you pull out of your pockets every day? All of this change can add up quickly for a great fundraiser.
Alfred E. Zampella National Junior Honor Society – Change For CHARGE
Emmadell Vernon – Change for CHARGE

Other Unique Ideas:
Kari Slusser – T-shirt Fundraiser
Deanna & Bill Steinhauser – Christmas Trees for CHARGE
The Renaissance Companies – Employee Jeans Day
Minnie Lambert – The Flat Charlie Project
Tracy Roth – Garage Sale

Sharing Your Success
We would love to hear about any and all fundraising events for the Foundation, big or small. Please let us know about your event by emailing us at info@chargesyndrome.org to share your story.  

Plan a Fundraiser

The key to any successful fundraiser is coming up with your idea. Regardless of whether you choose to do your fundraiser on-line or as part of some event/activity, consider something that mirrors your interests and resources. The main draw is to have FUN so keep your audience in mind as you make the decision.

Read More About Hints For Planning Your Fundraiser

Here are some helpful hints to make your fundraiser a success.

Planning You will need to decide where and when the event will take place. Planning also includes how you are going to raise your money from start to finish. Start making lists of family, friends, colleagues and business contacts that you are going to approach for donations or invite to your event.

Personalize your mission - Why are you undertaking this challenge? Let people know that you are fundraising for the Foundation and let them know why.

Budget – Every fundraising event plan should contain a complete budget listing all of the expenses that will be required to hold the event. Your budget should take into account your fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise an amount above and beyond all expenses. Be sure to leave a little extra room in your budget for unforeseen costs.

Marketing – Just like a new product, your event needs to be marketed to your target audience. You need to convince your supporters that your organization and event are worthy of their time and money. Possible methods of publicizing your event include: e-mail, social media such as Twitter or Facebook, Evite invitations, or word of mouth.

Know the Law – When fundraising, you need to be aware of the law and how it might affect your activities. For example, if you decide to do a yard sale, your town might require you to file a permit. Runs and walks often require permission and insurance.

Give Thanks – Make sure you take time to acknowledge everyone who was involved in your event, including contributors, volunteers, staff, and vendors. Keep your donors happy… you’ll probably ask them for another donation sometime down the road.