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Top 10 Questions Asked About Conference

10. Why is Conference such a big deal?

Since CHARGE syndrome is so rare, sometimes individuals with CHARGE go years – or even a lifetime – without meeting another person like them! Imagine walking into a room full of people who can relate to what you and your family are going through every day, where you’re fully supported and understood, where you can mingle with experts and make lifelong friends. It’s a priceless, life-changing experience that you won’t want to miss!

9. Who should attend Professional Day?

Professional Day is geared toward experts, researchers, and professionals working in the CHARGE field. Presentations, posters, and breakout sessions are far more technical in nature than Conference breakouts. Families are welcome, however there is no camp available for children on day.

8. Who can come?

Everybody! Grandparents, friends, family – anyone in your life who would like to learn more about CHARGE syndrome, meet other CHARGE families, mingle with experts in the field, and experience the unmatched sense of belonging that comes with being in a space with folks who truly accept and understand you!

7. My individual with CHARGE is free to attend, so do they still need to be registered?

Yes. Everyone who attends any portion of Conference needs to be registered.

6. But I live far away, how can I afford to bring my family?

We have put together this FUNDING GUIDE full of ways you can seek out assistance with funding your registration.

5. Can my child with CHARGE go to camp while I’m in sessions?

Yes. We have camp opportunities, with lots of fun activities planned for individuals with CHARGE and their siblings. For more information on camp, click here.

4. Will there be sign language interpreters?

Yes. We will provide ASL and Spanish interpreting services for the program sessions at the Conference. Additionally, some personnel in the camp area will be able to sign, but one-on-one interpreting will not be offered in the program or camp settings.

3. I keep hearing about lots of parties at Conference. So, it’s not just a bunch of learning sessions?

That’s right! We will have parties and other events at Conference. Check back as we get closer for the full agenda.

2. My child is on a blended diet, will there be blenders available at meals?

Yes, we’ll have several blending stations set up and available at all mealtimes. We will also offer soft food choices.

1. What kind of CHARGE experts are going to be there?

You’ll learn from medical professionals, researchers, educators, and other specialists that work in the field of CHARGE.

Still have questions about Conference?

Click here to watch our Webinar: Ask the Expert – All About Conference! Learn what your family can expect, what sessions and events will be offered, ways you can fund your trip, even what you should pack!

You can also find tons of information by visiting the Conference pages on our website.