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What to Expect

We hope you can join us as we get Back in CHARGE in Orlando! We have a top notch program a with wide variety of speakers who are the leading experts in CHARGE syndrome.  The four general theme areas under which most sessions are organized include: behavior, education, adult issues, and medical.  There will be something for everyone!

Conference Agenda

Ask the Experts – All About Conference

Learn all there is to know about our 15th International CHARGE Syndrome Conference, taking place July 20-23, 2023 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL.

Watch our panel of parents, Board Members, and experts discuss all the ins and outs of Conference! Learn what your family can expect, what sessions and events will be offered, ways you can fund your trip to Florida, even what you should pack!

Watch the Webinar

General Sessions

We begin each day, in General Session with everyone together in one large room.

Breakout Sessions

After general sessions, we have a short break and then the breakout sessions begin. (There are no breakouts on Sunday as the program closes at noon after general session.) The breakout sessions happen during the rest of the day.  Everyone will split up and go to whichever breakout session interests them.  There are multiple sessions happening at the same time.  The schedule and handouts will be available online prior to Conference and will be helpful in terms of making decisions about which sessions you might want to attend.  Some families decide to “divide and conquer,” splitting up and going to different sessions when there is more than one session happening at the same time that the family would like to attend.

Information Central

During Information Central, you can browse posters and speak to the many wonderful professionals who are at the conference.  If you have questions, this is the time to find the professional who can help!

Professional Day

Professional Day is Thursday, July 20, 2023. Click here for more information for Professionals.


We are pleased to offer a camp program for individuals with CHARGE and their siblings. Click here for more information about Camp options.


Sibshops provide an opportunity for siblings to get together to bond and discuss life as a the sibling of an individual with CHARGE syndrome. Click here for more information about Sibshops.


Thursday, July 20

  • Afternoon – Pool Party
  • Evening – Opening Reception

Friday, July 21

  • Evening – Brainteasers and Baskets (Includes Basket Raffle)

Saturday, July 22

  • Evening – Party Like It’s 1993: Celebrating 30 Years! (Includes Silent Auction)

Click here to see some of our exciting Basket Raffle and Silent Auction donation sponsors!


The sessions may take the most time in the Conference schedule, but we all know the backbone of our conference is simply being together. Where else can you find hundreds of people who are so knowledgeable and passionate about CHARGE syndrome? The special conversations and commonalities shared between families, professionals and education experts are truly precious and priceless takeaways from the event.

There is plenty of social time and activities included in the schedule.

Conference Schedule

We highly recommend that everyone have a look online at the Conference Agenda prior to arriving in Orlando to try and get a preliminary idea of sessions you might want to attend.  It can be a lot to figure out once you get to Conference after traveling with family, trying to get settled at the hotel and so on.  Also, please ensure you are receiving emails from the Foundation (you can sign up for eNews here) so that you get notifications about the Program Schedule and when the Conference app will be available.