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About the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

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We Ring True: CHARGE Syndrome – MSU

This video was produced by Mississippi State University and features Dr. Kasee Stratton, a friend of the Foundation and CHARGE researcher who has presented at many of our Foundation conferences. Kasee, along with her students, study CHARGE and promote CHARGE syndrome awareness at the Bulldog CHARGE Lab at MSU.

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We Have CHARGE, So What?

This video was presented at the 2015 Conference.

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CHARGE-A-Palooza Conference Fun

Saturday night at conference, there’s always a big party – this is a short video from the 2015 dance floor.

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Living with CHARGE syndrome (Being Me: Sarah)

Sarah Dalton was born with CHARGE syndrome, a rare condition resulting in 32 surgeries, three resuscitations, and countless scares for Sarah’s family in her 22 years of life so far. However, the physical challenges of living with CHARGE syndrome have paled in comparison to the bullying Sarah has experienced. Despite this, she is determined not to be defined by her differences. Sarah is now an avid equestrian, and a Special Olympics Global Messenger, class of 2019.


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