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Meet Tyler

Tyler Criswell, 19, lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California and enjoys spending time out with family and friends like Grayson Rago, who also has CHARGE syndrome.

In addition to his human friends, Tyler also has a special bond with his K-9 Buddy, Yosemite. Tyler received Yosemite, a yellow lab, on February 16, 2024 from the Guide Dogs for the Blind K-9 Buddy Program, which is available to people with any type of vision impairments. Prior to taking Yosemite home, Tyler and his family had a 3 hour training on the program’s campus in San Rafael, CA. This is Tyler’s second dog and this time Tyler is older and has taken on a bigger role in the care of Yosemite.

Tyler’s mom, Victoria, says, “It is so cute to see him interact with Yosemite. Tyler has even slept with him, which shocked us! Tyler doesn’t like furry things, but he has really connected with Yosemite and wanted to sleep next to him.”

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