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Meet Symone

Hi Everyone!! I am Symone Griffin and I’m 27 years old. I live in Peekskill, NY with my family and my dog Cupcake. I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a pediatric long-term care facility. I just finished up my prerequisites to get into nursing school. I was born with magical superpowers also known as CHARGE syndrome. This leaves me visually impaired, speech impaired, with a slew of respiratory issues, minor facial paralysis, and some sensory issues.

My impairments aren’t a large boulder in the way of the journey I am intended to be on; however they are things I’ve learned to work around. I’m extremely grateful to live in times where advanced technology can help me do everyday things. I drive myself everywhere I possibly can, with modifications made to my car. I use relay service and FaceTime to speak on the phone. I learned from YouTube how to make my eyebrows match so my face isn’t so “asymmetrical.”

I never would want to wish my CHARGE syndrome away. It’s made me who I am. I have struggled with a lot in 27 years but I am bigger than anything I’ve been through. I’m grateful for everything that came out of having a complex disorder. I hope my story can give a little inspiration not just to parents of children with similar conditions but also to other adults battling struggles such as mine.