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Meet Chip

I’m Chip Dixon, 40 yrs old, from Los Angeles, California. I’m hard of hearing and nearsighted (without my hearing aids, I don’t always hear that well, without my glasses I only see things up close). I’m currently working at Cost Plus World Market as a Stock Clerk, and have worked there for a year and a half now. It’s a nice job, everyone is so nice and helpful, but I do try to be independent. I tend to lip read, and listen carefully to what coworkers say, they’re aware of my hearing aids so they talk clearly to me anyway.

I volunteer at the Pasadena Humane Society, as a Dog Socializer. Due to my limitations, I just take out small/medium size dogs to play. But I do give kibbles treats to most of the dogs, through their kennels. I also take karate classes and I like to be in front so I can hear better and see better what they’re saying and doing. When I take buses and trains, I always like to sit up front, so I can see better too! I also take Special Olympic Basketball every year.

My hobbies are drawing and coloring, playing video games, chatting with friends and using the Internet, karate, taking my dog Sophie out for a walk, cooking, playing piano, collecting stuff. I have a lot of collections, mostly my favorite animals (like Seals, Sea Lions, Owls, Dolphins, Turtles) and favorite characters (like Pokemon, Disney Characters, Garfield). I go see movies and go to the mall. I like to go visit friends and visit my fiance in Alabama, and sometimes she comes to visit me.

I like to push myself and I don’t let my disabilities stop me. I like to be on my own, independent. I go with my own mottos: “Deaf People can do anything except hear” and “I can and I will.”