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Meet Caitlin

Although she wasn’t diagnosed until she was 18 years old, Caitlin Caulfield has been living with CHARGE her entire life. She is 32 years old now and lives with her family in San Marcos, Texas, right outside of Austin.

Caitlin has three interveners that work with her and she is able to get out into her community to enjoy the lovely area that she lives in. There are many parks that she loves to go to and people watch, take advantage of a nearby swing or perhaps take in a local musician playing. She is known in her community and enjoys stopping by to say hello and socialize for a while. Sam’s Club and PetSmart are two of her favorite places to go and she loves giving her time at cat rescue in PetSmart socializing the kitties and helping with their care. She also enjoys watching the birds and other animals on display.

Caitlin has such lovely friends here and they take her kayaking on the beautiful San Marcos River or they play their instruments welcoming her to their concert just for her. Her interveners are always looking for other activities to expose her to which has resulted in a love of zip-lining, indoor sky diving, and hiking the local trails that are ADA accessible with them.

She is always on the look out for something new to do but really enjoys her routine full of love, life, and things that give her joy. Caitlin definitely is thriving while living in CHARGE.