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Meet Brandon

I’m Brandon, a 38 year old adult with CHARGE, born in 1982. I got my first hearing aid at three years old, and glasses a few years later. Grandma gave me my passion for cooking, which I’m apparently quite good at! (at least nobody’s died from it … yet.) During my 20s, I finally learned how to drive and am a proud owner of a Kia Soul, which I got with my own money. I love driving, it makes me feel a bit more independent.

I’m a ballroom dancer as well, and have won many awards. People often ask how I’m able to dance with no balance, I tell them I put one foot in front of the other and hope to stay upright! Right now I’ve been working odd jobs for a temp agency and loving every minute of it! Glasses help me to see, hearing aids help me to hear, but I’m just like everyone else, with a few minor quirks. Haha.

Through the decades I’ve been here, I’ve learned one thing: “You are in charge of your own destiny.”