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Lacey Aims High

LaceyLacey Suter, age 21, not only graduated last June from Crotched Mountain school in Greenfield, New Hampshire, she won the 2019 Principal’s Award!  This is the highest award at her school. Lacey was recognized for her amazing perseverance in striving to better herself physically and socially.  When presenting the award, her principal said, “Over the past few years Lacey has made a great deal of progress using her strength and balance to walk with less assistance. She can now utilize her walker to walk to a variety of places within the school and community.

In addition, she has increased her ability to use her communication device to express her wants and needs, to socialize and to make connections with others. When meeting new people at Opportunity Networks, Lacey independently activated her device to introduce herself. We are so proud of all that she has accomplished here at Crotched Mountain.” Her mother, Laurie Suter, was bursting with pride!!!  She said that Lacey had never won anything before which meant the world to her.  Another person with CHARGE demonstrating their amazing ability to overcome obstacles!