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Incredible Interveners

The Mehta family has a beloved Intervener who has worked with Aman for the last 7 years. According to them, she has made an incredible impact on his ability to communicate, his success at school and his overall happiness. Here’s what Brenda has to say about her experience:

I’m an intervener for a young man with CHARGE Syndrome. As an intervener I play a vital role in the educational experience. It is extremely difficult to explain the relationship between intervenor and student to those unfamiliar with CHARGE. It’s so much more than enlarging print or providing tactile resources. I explain and re-teach what has been presented in the classroom. I make him aware of the details of his environment so that he may fully engage in it. Perhaps most importantly, I am this student’s staunchest advocate. Not only an advocate for his right to an equal and appropriate education but an education that meets his needs on his terms.