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Deafblind Awareness Week – Peyton and Tate

Teen girl sits on a couch presenting a certificate between her two brothers with CHARGE syndrome 2 boys with CHARGE sit on a boat with life jackets on 2 boys with CHARGE sit on a boat with life jackets on. One cradles the other's head Teen girl sits in a ball pit with her brother, who has CHARGE syndrome
Watching my brothers grow up with CHARGE syndrome and navigate deafblindness has been an incredible privilege. Both Peyton and Tate have shown such admirable persistence through any and every challenge they face. They have accomplished so much in their lives despite their numerous limitations. Peyton has the ability to dress himself, put his shoes and socks on, navigate our house, and use as much sign language that he can to communicate his needs. Tate, who deals with more limitations, shows immense joy from day to day and has improved so much with his walking abilities. They both also love swimming and we all have a great time getting to do this activity together! I am extremely proud of each of them!

What would you like to tell other people about deafblindness?

Individuals who are living with deafblindness are remarkable examples of what persistence looks like. We can all view deafblindness as a challenge that can be overcome in such a beautiful way. I have found a special way to show my brothers love due to their deafblindness, and I cherish that love like none other!

Story shared by Peyton and Tate’s sister, Mary Catherine