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Apply to Join Our Board!

We are currently seeking members of the Foundation who have the passion and skillset to help advance our mission by serving on our Board of Directors. Each applicant should possess the requisite skill level to understand CHARGE syndrome, work well on a team, communicate professionally with others within and outside the Foundation, manage a budget, generate new ideas, and motivate others.

We are looking for individuals with expertise in multiple areas, including business, management, fundraising, marketing, finance, education, communication, and/or CHARGE syndrome.

Each applicant should have:

  1. Attended at least one Conference.
  2. At least 15 hours a month to commit to the Foundation.
  3. Been involved in the Foundation or other organization serving the deafblind community in some capacity (special projects, employment, fundraising, volunteering, etc.).
  4. The ability to attend Conference every 2 years.
  5. The ability to participate in monthly board meetings (held virtually).
  6. The ability to attend at least one face-to-face meeting per year.
  7. Been a member in good standing of the Foundation.
  8. The necessary skills needed to advance the mission of the Foundation.