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Volunteer Spotlight – Minnie Lambert

CHARGE Recognition Award 2021

Stars-In-CHARGE Recognition Award 2021 - Minnie Lambert

Minnie Lambert joined the CHARGE Foundation board in 2015 and hasn’t stopped! She also is a vital member of the Family Engagement Workgroup and has contributed to the significant growth of the Liaison Program.

Minnie is always looking for ways that the Foundation can better support families, from new and current members to families who return when their children become adults or develop new challenges they need help with.

Minnie says knowing what it is like to feel alone after a CHARGE diagnosis and not wanting anyone else to feel that way is what inspires her to volunteer for the Foundation.

“I have a great sense of ownership when it comes to the Foundation,” Minnie says. “It was founded to help support families — families like mine. We are Lifetime members of the Foundation but also Lifetime members of the CHARGE community. The love, support, acceptance, and guidance that I receive is something that I can never describe… but I definitely know that it is something that I want to be a part of! I WANT to be a part of helping to make the world a better place for those with CHARGE… children and families just like MINE.”