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Volunteer Spotlight – Jodie Beavers

CHARGE Recognition Award Winner 2021

Jodie Beavers has been involved with the CHARGE Foundation since her son Nolan was born. She is the Michigan State Family Liaison and a member of the Communications Workgroup. Jodie also has been instrumental in helping launch the “Profiles in CHARGE” series on the Foundation’s website and social media.

“I’m inspired to volunteer because the Foundation is so important to me,” Jodie says. “Now that my kids are older, I have more time and volunteering for the Foundation is a great way to spend some of it.

“I’ve always felt that the Foundation was instrumental in supporting not only our knowledge of CHARGE Syndrome, but also our health and well-being through establishing connections with other families,” Jodie adds. “Connecting with families dealing with the same issues helped the emotional state of our entire family. Even my other children had a much more positive outlook and took more pride in their brother after meeting other siblings like them. Ethan and Mallorie have made lifelong friends by reconnecting with other siblings at the conference every other year. Grandma loves meeting other CHARGE grandparents. Nolan’s favorite time of all is going to the conference, where he feels proud to be a part of his community.”