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Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Cote

CHARGE Recognition Award Winner

Megan CoteMegan Cote has worked in the Special Education field for over 25 years and is currently the initiative lead for Family Engagement at the National Center on Deafblindness (NCDB). She also serves on the CHARGE Foundation’s Board of Directors and as the Lead for the Foundation’s Family Engagement Workgroup and has been invaluable in helping create programs within the Family Assistance Workgroup.

“I believe that knowledge is power and that when families understand the needs of their child and can articulate those to others, amazing outcomes happen for both the individual with CHARGE and their entire family,” Megan says. “I love to volunteer for the Foundation because of the array of supports it offers to help families get connected to high-quality resources and to one another. Knowing that a family has increased confidence in supporting their child across the lifespan is an amazing feeling.”

Megan notes that the Foundation is important to her for many reasons, especially the connections she’s made with families. “I believe families are the real experts, so I truly appreciate hearing their perspectives and being a part of building their confidence and leadership skills,” she says.