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Volunteer Spotlight: Laurie Suter

CHARGE Recognition Award Winner

Stars-In-CHARGE Recognition Award 2021 - Laurie Suter

Laurie Suter, whose daughter Lacey has CHARGE Syndrome, has been one of the Foundation’s biggest cheerleaders for many years.

“Lacey inspires me! She is my hero,” Laurie says. “She has been through a lot in her life but she still smiles. She brings so much joy in our lives and because of her, I feel I need to give back and volunteer for the Foundation and help be a support to other families. I am glad that I can volunteer as a parent liaison for the Foundation.”

Laurie also consistently raises money for the Foundation through Charge it for CHARGE. “The Foundation has been a great support for me right from the beginning, when I first learned about Lacey and was asked if I would be interested in adopting her. I was told she had CHARGE and reached out to the Foundation. It has since been a wonderful support to our family.”

Laurie said she’s been to every CHARGE Conference since 1999 except one.  “We love our CHARGE family,” Laurie says. “We really appreciate everything the Foundation does for families and everyone with CHARGE and we are so thankful!”