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Kristi Morris Jones

Who’s In Your Family?

Belle (sister, 15}, Kristi (mom}, Gabrielle (19} Marina (sister, 17}, Gracelyn (sister, 21}, left to right in picture

What do you want people to know about your family?

We live in Nolensville, TN just outside of Nashville. We enjoy the support of our fantastic small community and school system!

Whether it’s life as a single mom, a daughter entering high school, graduations, or planning life beyond, it seems there is always a transition to be navigated in our family!

Why do you Volunteer with the Foundation?

A diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome is an overwhelming one. The Foundation was my primary source of information in those early years as many medical professionals were unfamiliar. Meeting other families and sharing similar experiences and challenges was and is so valuable. I volunteer to help make other families in my state aware of the wealth of information and opportunity for connection provided by the Foundation.

What activities do you like to do?

As an all girl family, shopping always ranks at the top of the list! Gabrielle’s absolute favorite activity is to go to any restaurant and we are always happy to accommodate that request.

We spend time at the local park where Gabrielle loves the swings and we also enjoy visiting with friends and family especially Grandma.

A highlight of every year is Special Olympics. Gabrielle loves to participate and we have so much fun cheering her on!