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Penni Echols

Who’s In Your Family?

My husband, Micah & I have 6 girls. Back row: Lelah (14) Natalie (6), Sarah (10). Front Row: Elizabeth (13), our CHARGE Princess Martha (4) and Kathryn (13).

What do you want people to know about your family?

We live in Las Vegas and visit family in Utah several times a year. We keep busy with kids in soccer and student council. Micah is a private practice attorney, specializing in appellate law. I stay home and am slowly working towards a master’s degree in Special Education.

Why do you Volunteer with the Foundation?

I want the families in Nevada to know they are not alone! Our family is eager to have friends who KNOW what #CHARGElife is like and to give any support we can. I also want to raise awareness of CHARGE Syndrome among educators and medical providers in our state.

What activities does your family enjoy?

  • We love going out to a movie or watching one at home. We take turns giving Martha sensory breaks (aka roaming the theater halls).
  • I will watch any soccer game, but my favorite teams are my girls’!
  • Martha LOVES shopping!! There is no shortage of that with 6 girls. We have multiple visits to Target in a week to keep her happy.

To contact your state’s Family Liaison please email Lourdes Quintana at Lourdes@chargesyndrome.org.