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Brandy Johnson

Who’s In Your Family?

Mom – (me)Brandy, Dad – Jef, Sister – Abigail, Our CHARGER – Holden

What do you want people to know about your family?

We live on the coast in Mississippi. My husband works for Habitat for Humanity. He was self employed until Holden was born. I am a stay-at-home mom of two at home with special needs. Holden is our Charger then Abigail had multiple diagnosis, ASD, ID and DDX3X. We are very strong in our faith! I have an older daughter that has 3 children of her own that absolutely love Holden!

Why do you Volunteer with the Foundation?

I want to be able to help other families, especially ones new to CHARGE. CHARGE was something we had never heard of before. The professionals in our area had never heard of it either so I was alone in this. I’ve had to learn and teach! I couldn’t just be mom. I still don’t know everything, but I feel that I know enough to be able to help others that are just starting on their journey.

What activities do you like to do?

I love being with my children. I am lost with out them. I love going to church and spending time with my church family. We usually have game night at our home on Saturday evenings. My parents and brother come to spend time with us. My hobbies are sewing, quilting, vinyl on shirts and decals, making hairbows. Just about anything under the title of crafting! LOL! I love to read. I enjoy learning new things. I am currently working on ASL and have been for several years. I really enjoy helping and doing things for others.

To contact your state’s Family Liaison please email Lourdes Quintana at Lourdes@chargesyndrome.org.