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Jodie Beavers

Who’s In Your Family?

Nolan (16), Mallorie (19), Ethan (22), Paul (dad), Jodie (mom)

What do you want people to know about your family?

  • We live in Shepherd, Michigan
  • Paul is a School Counselor
  • Jodie is an Elementary Special Education Teacher
  • Mallorie works in Tim Hartshorne’s CHARGE lab and is interested in pursuing a career in psychology
  • Ethan is a Mechanical Engineer

Why do you Volunteer with the Foundation?

The support we’ve received from the CHARGE community has been amazing. I’ve always said I’d volunteer more when the kids got older. The kids are older and I’m ready to help out in any way I can!

What activities do you like to do?

  • Nolan loves to travel and explore new places along with the rest of us.
  • We like to see movies and Nolan loves the popcorn.
  • We like spending time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • We like spending time with family and friends.

To contact your state’s Family Liaison please email Lourdes Quintana at Lourdes@chargesyndrome.org.