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Lexi Gardner

Who is in your family?

Mom (Lexi) Dad (Allen) Asher (3.5) Zayde (2.5)

What do you want people to know about your family?

Lexi was a preschool and Kindergarten teacher. She loves to do arts and crafts! Allen is in the HVAC business. He is also the gardening expert in our family. Asher and Zayde are both really into RC cars right now, as well as many other things like Hot Wheels, Nerf guns, and Magnatiles.

Why do you volunteer with the Foundation?

There are so many reasons! First and foremost, to be a resource for ALL Charge families but really for the families that are just getting the diagnosis. I remember being in their shoes and wanting to connect with people that had gone through what our family was going through or currently in the stage we were in. I want to be a support for those families. Another reason I would like to be a liaison is to spread awareness on resources in our state. I currently connected with a family that has a child 4 months younger, and I have been able to share all of the resources and things that can be provided through the state that they were not aware of and have since taken advantage of those resources. Lastly, I’d love to try to plan events or “meet ups” for everyone in the state. For example, the Walk and Roll coming up, I’d love to find a mutual ground, once finding out where all of the families are from (Colorado is a big state!) to walk together and get to socialize with families that are going through this journey like we are. Overall, I’d really just like to be an extra resource and support system for children and families with CHARGE syndrome.

What activities do you/your family like to do?

Our family loves to be outdoors! We like taking walks, biking, hiking, and planting a garden! When we are cooped up inside for weather, we like baking and trying new recipes. Lexi used to be a teacher so we are always up for some arts and crafts!

To contact your state’s Family Liaison, or if you are interested in becoming a Family Liaison, please email Lourdes Quintana at Lourdes@chargesyndrome.org.