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Christmas Trees for CHARGE

Cut out paper Christmas trees decorate a store's doorsBy Deanna Steinhauser

This holiday season, Bill and Deanna Steinhauser are setting a perfect example of the old adage, “Giving is better than receiving.” Bill and Deanna’s family owns a couple of Ace Hardware stores, where they are selling “Christmas trees for CHARGE” at each cash register (the cashiers all have a stack of trees) throughout the month of December. People can make a donation in any amount, and then their name goes on a tree that gets displayed at the store. Bill and Deanna are happy to report that they raised over $2,000! They also held a Super Bowl pool earlier this year and raised another $2,000 doing that! They plan on approaching other Ace Hardware stores to do a “May Flowers” fundraiser for CHARGE in May. Congratulations to Bill and Deanna on a job well done!