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Change for CHARGE

Change for CHARGE Fundraiser

By Emmadell Vernon

Change for CHARGE is the easiest way I know to raise money for Charge Syndrome. The CHARGE Cans bring in money from people you would never meet to ask for donations. You simply ask at a business where you go often if you can put a can by their cash register. You will learn how often you need to collect. My cans bring in about $125 every two months. The cans I place at restaurants with cash registers do the best. If it is a place I go often I don’t worry if there is just a little in the can. It is money we wouldn’t have and dimes make dollars. I also place them at our Aaron stores. The store managers help me with the collection of the money. Ask family members if they can put them at their jobs or business. I feel blessed by the business’s that have been faithful over the years.