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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

CHARGE Accounts is the monthly newsletter of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. It is delivered free of charge via email and posted on our website and social media outlets.

Article Submissions

Articles submitted for consideration for publication should be short and factual, approximately 250–500 words in length. We are interested in articles relating to CHARGE syndrome, including, but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Medical issues
  • Therapies
  • “How-to” articles
  • Book or article reviews
  • Best practice tips and hints
  • Motivational articles
  • Fundraising events/stories
  • Any other articles that may be relevant to our families and other readers with an interest in CHARGE syndrome.

For upcoming events, please include the date, day of the week, location, and contact information.


CHARGE Accounts reserves the right to use, edit, or crop photos. Not all photos may be published. Please be sure your photos are clear to ensure high-quality reproduction in our newsletter. The higher the resolution of your submitted photos, the better they will look!

PLEASE NOTE: Articles may be edited for content, length, and use of People First Language. The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation utilizes People First Language in all publications, presentations, and activities. For more information on People First Language, please visit: https://www.disabilityisnatural.com/people-first-language.html

Email submissions are preferred. Please send articles to our Marketing Department.