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Dear Parents,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!! We look forward to meeting your new addition.

This is a time to celebrate the new addition to your family! This new life will bring joy to your family that you didn’t know was possible. Your baby is a baby first, with his or her unique personality and talents. Your baby will reach each new milestone when he or she is ready. The hurdles may take much longer to overcome but children with CHARGE will work harder than most and bring such excitement as you watch them succeed. Never underestimate your child’s abilities.

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is an organization of parents and professionals who are available to support you as you enter into this new and challenging phase of life, parenting or caring for a child with CHARGE syndrome.

We invite you to join the Foundation and receive our mailings. We can put you in touch with other parents who have faced the same challenges. They can guide you on your journey. We encourage you to refer to the website often for information.

In the meantime, enjoy your child and remember to take care of yourself. Please remember that this child needs what every other child needs – to be loved unconditionally, accepted, and valued just for being himself or herself.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

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