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Grief Support

Grief Support Group – The National Center on Deaf-Blindness offers a free peer-to-peer support group for families of children with deaf-blindness. These web-based meetings are held Wednesday evenings, twice a month for 5 months. Please click below for more information on the group and how to register.


Grief Resources – Finding resources after the death of a child can assist in the healing process. The National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) website offers some helpful resources for both adults and children who are grieving. Here’s the link to their website to access these resources.


How You Can Help – Many family and friends want to help after the loss of a child, but don’t know exactly what to do or what to say. Below are some articles that will give you tips on how to help your loved one during this difficult time. Making a donation to the Foundation is a wonderful way to honor the memory of the child. Money raised will help with groundbreaking research to better understand, diagnose, and treat CHARGE syndrome.