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Interveners are professionals who have received specialized training to work with people who are deafblind. An intervener helps the person with deafblindess gain access to environmental information, facilitates communication, as well as promoting social and emotional development.  An intervener may be part of your son’s or daughter’s education team.

A Family’s Guide to IntervenersDocuments – this PDF book will help you to fully understand the role of the intervener, the assessment process used to determine the need for an intervener, and how to navigate the IEP process. The book also includes some family stories, including several families who have children with CHARGE.

Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Intervener Learning Modules – These modules were developed as  a national resource that works toward increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students who are deaf-blind and are being served in educational settings (ages 3 through 21).

NCDB Intervener Library Listing – The National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) is a technical assistance center funded by the US Department of Education.  This is the library search page on the topic of interveners, which contains a variety of videos, webinars, and information documents relating to intervention.

National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio (NICE) – Downloadable brochure available on the National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE) System, which is an assessment process where interveners may submit evidence of their knowledge and skills to be evaluated by expert reviewers in the field of deaf-blindness.




Presentations and Handouts on Interveners from CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Conferences:

National Credentialing for Interveners through the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals – Linda Alsop

Online Training Program in Deafblindness – Linda Alsop

Family Experiences With Intervener Services – Jay Gense

Making it Happen: Intervener Services for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind – Linda Alsop, Beth Kennedy, and Parent Panel

Open-Hands, Open Access, Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules: Using A National Resource to Meet State Specific Training Needs – Nancy Steele, Michelle Clyne, Jody Wolfe, Amy T. Parker

Recommendations for Improving Intervener Services – Jay Gense, Amy Parker



Intervener Deaf-Blind Family Group – A Facebook group  for families who are interested in learning more about, getting support for, or sharing information about interveners.

Intervener.org – this website provides information on deafblindness, intervention, credentialing, and national efforts, as well as a variety of other resources.

National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB) – NFADB is the largest national non-profit organization serving the deafblind community.  This page defines the role of the intervener and provides related resources.

CHARGE Factsheet: Intervenors (Sense UK)

What is NICE? (National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio) – The National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE) System is an assessment process that interveners can use to submit evidence of their knowledge and skills.