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Conference Permissions & Policies

2023 Conference Permissions

There are two different permissions being requested on this form.  The following is a brief explanation of each of those permissions. Please make sure you read and agree to the entire permission.  Everyone who registers is presumed to have read the permissions.

Permission to Share Information with other CHARGE Families– gives the Foundation permission to share your information with other families who are looking for a family to family connection or disability related organizations that are looking to promote an event that might be of interest to families affected by CHARGE.

Permission to Include Contact Information in Conference Program – gives the Foundation permission to include your contact information in the Attendee List in the Conference Program.

You may give or decline permission to either or both of the permission requests.

2023 Conference & Camp Policies

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of the conference policies also denotes acceptance of the liability release and photo releases for all parties designated on the conference registration form.

Liability Release
In consideration of the opportunity afforded me/us and my/our child(ren) to participate in the International CHARGE Syndrome Conference, I/we hereby:
1. voluntarily and knowingly WAIVE any right or cause of action, of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of my/our or my/our child(ren)’s participation in this conference from which any liability may or could accrue to the Foundation, its directors, members, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents, including but not limited to Corporate Kids Events.
2. voluntarily and knowingly RELEASE the Foundation, its directors, members, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents, including but not limited to Corporate Kids Events, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that I/we or my/our child(ren) may sustain as a result of our participation in this conference.
SWIMMING: The conference hotel has multiple pool areas. The Foundation will not provide supervision or lifeguards at any of the pools. If you or your children choose to utilize the pools while at the conference hotel, they do so at their own risk. The Foundation is not responsible for any injuries that may arise in or around the pool.

This WAIVER and RELEASE shall be binding upon me/us, my/our heirs, distributees, next of kin, executors, and personal representative. In reading and accepting the foregoing WAIVER and RELEASE, I/we acknowledge and represent that I/we have read the foregoing WAIVER and RELEASE, understand it, and accept it voluntarily; and that I/we am/are of legal age and of sound mind.

Photo/Video/Audio Release
I/We, give consent for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Inc. or its designees to have photographs, and/or visual and/or audio recordings made of me and/or my children/family members at the International CHARGE Syndrome Conference. These photographs and recordings may be utilized for education, research, publicity, fundraising, or other activities of the Foundation. I acknowledge and consent to the use of said photographs or recordings of myself, family members and minor children in publications, presentations, brochures, newsletters, internet materials, and other publications.

Sign Language Interpreting
The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation will provide ASL sign language interpreting services for the program sessions at the conference. Additionally, some personnel in the camp area will be able to sign. No one-on-one interpreting will be offered in the program or camp settings. All other interpreting needs will be the responsibility of the individual attendee. In order to assess sign language interpreting needs, registrants will be required to make their request on the conference registration form. Requests made after the registration deadline may not be fulfilled. In order to better serve those who require it, individuals who identify the need for sign language interpreting will be contacted by the Interpreter Coordinator to review communication needs.

Conference Materials
Conference materials will be available in digital format for download prior to conference.

Support Service Providers
No Support Service Providers will be provided by the Foundation. Individuals needing this service will need to make their own arrangements.

The official language of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation conference is English. Spanish translation may be available on a limited basis and is subject to a strict request deadline.  Registrants will be required to make their request on the conference registration form.  Other translation will be the responsibility of the individual attendee.

Registration and Cancellation

All individuals, including individuals with CHARGE who attend at no cost, are required to register for conference whether or not they are attending sessions, meals, and/or evening events.  Infants under 3 months old do not need to register unless they are attending camp.

Lifetime members of the Foundation receive a 5% registration discount which applies to immediate family members living in the same household (spouse, siblings). Lifetime members will receive a code by e-mail to apply this discount to their registration.  The Foundation staff will not be responsible for inputting this code if the lifetime member neglects to include it.

 The CSF will refund 100% of the registration fee for cancellations made up to June 1, 2023.  After June 1, refunds will only be given for medical issues that affect the registrants and their immediate families’ ability to attend.  Any refund after June 1 will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee.   The CSF expects all attendees to use good judgment and not endanger our high-risk population by ​attending conference with any known illness that could be contagious.

Camp Policies
The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation provides camp services at the conference as a support for parents to enable them to attend program sessions. It is not meant to be an instructional setting, but “sitting” with individuals with some added structure and fun. The Foundation does not provide one-on-one support in camp although it is available for an additional fee arranged directly with the camp company.

Two camp settings will be available at conference in order to provide options for families. One camp will have more structure and a lower staff to camper ratio for families who believe their camper will benefit from greater structure. Parents will choose which camp they prefer for their camper and if a change is necessary at the conference, the camp company will do everything they can to accommodate the change. If requested, siblings can remain together as long as the older child goes with the younger. Age group assignments within each camp will be made based on CKE’s assessment and also taking into account the input of the parents and not on chronological age alone. Some activities will occur with the two camps together.

The administration of the camp program is operated and controlled by Corporate Kids Events. The following guidelines may apply:

  • Parents must pre-register their campers with Corporate Kids Events. Online registration is available from the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation website.
  • Parents must also register their campers onsite with the camp company at the conference during the scheduled times as outlined in the conference program schedule.
  • There will be no medical care in the camps. Parents are responsible for all medically related activities including but not limited to medication administration, tube feedings, suctioning, etc.
  • No one-on-one sign language interpreting will be available in camp; however, there will be some staff who sign in order to facilitate communication with campers who sign.
  • No food will be allowed in the camps in order to avoid any food allergy complications. If snacks are needed, parents may take the camper outside the camp area for the snack.
  • Diapers will not be changed by staff for campers above the age of 4 years. Parents will be called to the camp area to change diapers for campers older than 4 years.
  • People who are not registered with the camp may not enter the camp area. Nametags are required to be worn by anyone entering the camp area including parents/caregivers, etc.
  • Siblings can be grouped together if requested by the family as long as the older sibling goes to the younger child’s age group. Additionally, siblings may enter camp to check on their sibling as long as parents have indicated that it is ok when registering the camper at the conference.  If sibling is signed into camp, they will not be allowed to leave their designated group to check on another sibling.
  • Anyone picking up a camper from the camp area will be required to present identification and consent as required by Corporate Kids Events.
  • Parents are required to stay on the hotel property and be reachable.
  • Parents must be on time to pick up campers.
  • If campers become disruptive and affect the quality or safety within the camp program, parents will be asked to remove them from the camp area. No fee refunds will be given.
  • The fee for camp applies whether the camper stays the entire time or is a drop-in participant.

Parents, siblings, relatives, other caregivers, etc. must adhere to all of the above guidelines. These guidelines are designed for the safety and program integrity for all participants in the camp program.

All conference attendees must agree to comply with all of the policies and guidelines of this conference.