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Ryder’s Story

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation has been a huge asset for me and my family over the years. One of our favorite programs offered through the Foundation is Ethan Wolfe Recreational Assistance Program. This program has allowed my daughter, Ryder, to be a part of activities that we wouldn’t have thought possible including equestrian therapy, drum lessons and the purchase of a three wheeled bike.

For the past five years or so, Ryder has been using the EWRAP to help with the cost of equestrian therapy. Through this experience, she has gained confidence and positivity. Between the horses and the instructors, Ryder has strived to push herself to try things she didn’t think were a possibility for a person with her condition. The skills she has acquired have influenced her to have that same outlook in all aspects of her life.

Now due to an upcoming spinal surgery, Ryder will no longer be eligible for equestrian therapy. We have been looking for a new outlet for Ryder and it seems we have found it in percussion lessons. We are still new to percussion, but it is quickly becoming a favorite part of Ryder’s week. The lessons let her be creative and loud while encouraging her to explore the world in her own way.

I simply cannot thank the CHARGE Syndrome foundation enough for their constant support in all aspects of my daughter’s life. It has been through their research and generosity that we have been able to be successful in raising a child who struggles with CHARGE. The foundation along with the Ethan Wolfe Recreational Assistance Program have helped Ryder to become strong, kind, and confident in her everyday life.  -Kaylee S.