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Provider Recommendation Database

The Foundation has asked families and professionals to recommend physicians or therapists who have been helpful to your family, who are knowledgeable about CHARGE syndrome or have been willing to learn and go that extra mile. While the Foundation does not endorse or recommend any specific providers, we are happy to share the information we […]

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More Ways to Help

CHARGE is an incredibly complex syndrome that involves numerous medical, educational, developmental, social and behavioral issues. As a result, there are many different ways to help the Foundation and individuals with CHARGE address these challenges. The information we obtain from professionals and families can be passed onto others by becoming a state liaison, making provider […]

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Opportunities for Families

HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN CHARGE SYNDROME RESEARCH CHARGE research could not take place without the participation of the families. There are many ways you can help. At any given time, there are many studies underway all over the world to help further understand many aspects of CHARGE and CHD7. Studies range from DNA analysis to […]

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