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Sensory Deficits

Deafblind is an educational term referring to individuals with combined hearing and vision loss. The majority of children who are deafblind also have additional physical, medical and/or cognitive problems. Most children with CHARGE will be considered deafblind, even though most of them retain some usable hearing and/or vision. Children are considered to be deafblind (and […]

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Interveners are professionals who have received specialized training to work with people who are deafblind. An intervener helps the person with deafblindess gain access to environmental information, facilitates communication, as well as promoting social and emotional development.  An intervener may be part of your son’s or daughter’s education team. A Family’s Guide to Interveners – […]

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Behaviors that are considered challenging are commonly seen in CHARGE syndrome.  These behaviors differ from those seen in other syndromes that include deafblindness and those that do not.  The reasons for these behaviors can vary and may be due to multisensory impairments, inability to self-regulate, and issues with arousal.  Learning to understand the function of […]

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