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Rhett’s Story

“Our family is so thankful for the Family Medical Travel Assistance grant through the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. We travel quite frequently from North Carolina to Cincinnati, Ohio, for Rhett’s medical care. In the early years we were taking multiple trips to Cincinnati each year, sometimes every few weeks to every few months. We would always figure out a way to make it work, but finances were always tight when it came to traveling so often. Between gas, food, and lodging, traveling can become very expensive.

We have been so fortunate to receive the grant twice in the last year which has relieved so much of our financial stress. We used the financial assistance with gas and food during our trips.

The Medical Travel Assistance fund will be such a blessing to so many families when they are faced with the reality of needing to travel out of state for the best medical care for their child. This grant will allow families to focus more on their child and the medical appointments while they are away, and less on how they will pay for it.

The process to apply for assistance was quick and simple, and everyone was so helpful. I highly recommend all families apply for the Medical Travel Assistance Program when preparing to travel for your child’s medical care.” – Anna M.

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