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Gannon’s EWRAP Story

A boy rides his green adaptive bike with a doll in the back and looks up at the camera with sunglasses on. A boy rides a green adaptive coat wearing a coat.

We were amazed to receive the news that EWRAP could provide an adaptive bike for Gannon. Until he received this bike, he was using one that was very run-down and did not fit him well at all.

Gannon says, “it’s easy to drive and I like that I can be more independent with biking,” even though Mom is never far behind. Seeing Gannon safely navigate the terrain up and down sidewalks and roads has been such a relief. We have been able to use this bike as a tool for learning road safety including looking and listening for cars. This bike also has hand breaks which is helping to increase Gannon’s fine-motors skills. Keeping with the fun, Gannon makes sure to bring his baby along on the back of his bike!

Gannon has been honored to share Ethan’s story when telling others about his bike. What a tremendous honor it is for Gannon to be a part of Ethans’s legacy! Thank you EWRAP for enriching Gannon’s life!” – Sarah M.