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Carter’s Story

This past Winter we wrote a grant to EWRAP requesting a Wike trailer for our son, Carter. Carter is 8 and has CHARGE Syndrome. He loves to get out and explore his community, and he is quite the thrill seeker! The problem is his wheelchair was limited in places it could access. Grass, mulch, rock or other rough terrain was difficult to navigate through. The Wike is actually a special needs bike trailer that can also be switched into an all terrain/jogging stroller. This has allowed us to explore new areas! It is also big enough for his little sister to fit in. With Carter’s long legs we had lost the ability to have a double stroller so this allows them to ride together. We have not yet had the opportunity to try out the bike trailer option. We were close once, but our bike rental fell through. We are excited to try it out this summer as we know Carter will LOVE the fast speeds and being out in nature. Thank you EWRAP for providing this awesome Wike to Carter and our family. It will allow him to better access more areas outside our home or the paved path, and will provide a fun family recreational experience. – Amanda M.