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Opportunities for Families

Researchers invite you to participate in a study about social play in individuals with CHARGE syndrome being conducted by the CHARGE Syndrome Research Lab at Central Michigan University. WHAT IS THIS FOR? There is very little information about how children with CHARGE syndrome engage in play with their peers. Peer play is important for cognitive […]

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Medical Features

Every individual with CHARGE is unique, each with his or her own collection of medical challenges. Spending time in hospital is a fact of life for many children with CHARGE. Multiple surgeries are very common. CHARGE syndrome is complex and your child will likely see many specialists, not all of whom will be familiar with […]

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For Families

You found this page because you need information about CHARGE syndrome. You might have a new baby, a toddler or an older child who has just been diagnosed with CHARGE; you might be an adult who is beginning to realize that your constellation of vision, hearing, and health issues might be CHARGE syndrome; or you […]

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