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Early Education

Early childhood is a time of great stress for a parent of a child with CHARGE syndrome. There are medical issues, surgeries, therapies, the Early Intervention and Special Education systems, sensory issues, and concerns about overall development. You will sometimes wonder how to fit everything into your day. We hope that this page will provide […]

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Our Staff

Meet our two employees, Jackie Alshawabkeh and Sheri Stanger. Director of Outreach Sheri Stanger is our Director of Outreach and spends many hours supporting families in a variety of ways.     Development & Database Manager Jackie Alshawabkeh is our Development & Database Manager and assists with many different Foundation projects.

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Development & Outlook

The range of outcomes in individuals with CHARGE is as broad as it could possibly be. Some individuals need extensive care throughout their lives. Some become independent adults with families and professions. Most are somewhere in between – taking longer to achieve things and needing at least some degree of support throughout their lives. Deafblind: […]

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