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Behaviors that are considered challenging are commonly seen in CHARGE syndrome.  These behaviors differ from those seen in other syndromes that include deafblindness and those that do not.  The reasons for these behaviors can vary and may be due to multisensory impairments, inability to self-regulate, and issues with arousal.  Learning to understand the function of […]

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Psychologists/Behavior Therapists

Children with CHARGE syndrome present as unique individuals who, despite having a myriad of health and developmental challenges, are resilient and interesting and surprising in their zest for life and willingness to join in all that is offered to them. However, their parents and specialists may note specific behaviors that can interfere with their educational and […]

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Our Stories

“I know of no identified sub-group within the population of people with multi-sensory impairment who have so many medical problems, of such complexity and severity, and with so many hidden or delayed difficulties, and yet no sub-group has shown such a consistent ability to rise triumphantly above these problems” – David Brown Despite seemingly insurmountable […]

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