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Awards History

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is run almost entirely by volunteers – parents and professionals who dedicate their time to running the Foundation, supporting families, organizing biennial conferences, and even doing things like building this website. This allows the Foundation to invest 90% of funds raised into directly supporting the cause.

The Foundation recognizes those who have made significant contributions (individuals or couples, groups or organizations) in the following areas:

  1. To the Foundation and its work with service or financial support,
  2. To individuals with CHARGE or their families, or
  3. To the understanding, management, and treatment of CHARGE syndrome. Recipients need not be members of the Foundation.

There are four categories of awards:

  • CHARGE Recognition
  • CHARGE Foundation Certificates of Appreciation
  • Stars-in-CHARGE
  • Fundraising Awards
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Any person or group may nominate an individual, couple, group, or organization. The nominator must submit a well-documented nomination which includes the following information:

  1. Name and contact information (email, phone and address) of the nominator
  2. Name(s) and contact information (address, telephone number, and email address if possible) of the nominee(s)
  3. Description of the nominee’s service or activities that are to be considered for recognition. A carefully-prepared, thorough nomination will give the Foundation the best opportunity to evaluate the nomination fairly. Please be as specific and complete as possible.
  4. Specify whether the nomination is for Stars-in-CHARGE, CHARGE Recognition, or for either award (at the discretion of the Foundation).

Please email your nomination to: info@chargesyndrome.org

CHARGE Recognition

2017 CHARGE Recognition Recipients: (L-R) Susanne Morgan Morrow, Aubrey Williams, Lauren Lieberman

2017 CHARGE Recognition Recipients: (L-R) Nikki and Josh Logsdon & Family

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Past Award Recipients – CHARGE Recognition

2007:  Conny VanRavenswaaij, MD, Cheryl & Kenny Moretz, Dennis O’Toole, Pamela Ryan, Seema Lalani, MD, Jeremy Kirk, MD
2009:  Bryan Hall, Kathy McNulty, Jody & David Wolfe, Susan & Joel Wolfe
2015: Donna Martin, Deanna Steinhauser, Kasee Stratton-Gadke
2017: Lauren Lieberman, Nikki & Josh Logsdon, Susanne Morgan Morrow, Aubrey Williams, The Team at the CHARGE Center

Certificates of Appreciation

2017 Certificates of Appreciation: (L-R) Michelle Gomez, Carmelo Falu, Barb Zarnikow, Sandy & Janet Buller


A crystal star engraved with the Foundation logo and recipient(s) name. This is the Foundation’s highest award. It is given for significant contributions over a period of time. The first Stars were awarded in 1999.

2017 Stars-in-CHARGE Recipients (L-R): Jay Brandrup, Donna Martin, Sheri Stanger

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Past Award Recipients – Stars

1999: Meg Hefner, Sandra Davenport, Marion Norbury, Lee Norbury
2001: Jim Thelin, Tommy and Robin Adkins, Kim Blake, Steve Sorkin, Bruce & Susan Appell
2005: David Brown, Tim Hartshorne, Neal Stanger
2007: Robert Last, Ogan Family
2009: Brownie Shott, Lisa Weir
2011: Jeremy Kirk, David Wolfe, Susan Wolfe
2013: Pamela Ryan, Jody Wolfe
2015: Conny van Ravenswaaij-Arts and Joe & Kathy McNulty
2017: Jay Brandrup & the Kinetic Team, Donna Martin, Sheri Stanger

Excellence in Fundraising Awards

A plaque engraved with the Foundation logo and the name(s) of the recipient(s). This is typically given to people who have made an extraordinary effort to raise funds for the Foundation. This award was added in 2013 and is awarded by the Executive Committee.

2017 Excellence in Fundraising Recipients: (L-R) David & Jody Wolfe, Neal & Sheri Stanger, Micah & Penni Echols, Hollie & Chad St. Arnauld, Peter Gagliardi & Caroline Garzotto, Deanna & Bill Steinhauser

2017 Excellence in Fundraising Recipients: (L-R) Julie & Jay Brandrup, Minnie Lambert, Eric Bluestone, Poonam & Amrit Mehta

2017 Excellence in Fundraising Recipients: (L-R) Pam Ryan, Alicia Wheeler, Ingrid & Christian Lobaugh, Alexa Burtley

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Past Award Recipients – Excellence in Fundraising

Diamond: Ben & Elizabeth Berman, Micah & Penni Echols,  Peter Gagliardi & Caroline Garzotto, Betsy & Paul Marsolan, Kristen & Jason Matthew, Hollie & Chad St. Arnauld, Neal & Sheri Stanger, Deanna & Bill Steinhauser, David & Jody Wolfe

Platinum: Eric Bluestone,  Julie & Jay Brandrup, Cynthia Dabydeen, Brooke Fula, Aimee Gruber, Poonam & Amrit Mehta, Team Flat Chuck & His Pup

Gold: Jeff & Patricia Barr, Alexa Burtley, Sam Fawns, Callie Ford & Ryan Dame, Sandra & Phillip Kurby, Ingrid & Christian Lobaugh, Anne Moore, Tracy & Mike Roth, Pam Ryan, The Modified Dolls, Alicia Wheeler

Diamond: Eric Bluestone, Patricia & Richard Cotter, Kelty & Allan Fisher, Lauren & Jason Hubler, Kristen & Jason Matthew, Sheri & Neal Stanger, Deanna & Bill Steinhauser, Jody & David Wolfe; Platinum: Friends Of Eva, Heather & Andrew Chandler, Patricia & Paul Cosenza, Jasmine & Kyle Jervis, Sandy & Phillip Kurby; Gold: Friends Of Ethan, Dayna Hardwick, Teri Radke, Pamela Ryan, Team Ava’s Angels, Team Zoe Bella, Aubrey Williams, Cindy & Michael Archuleta, Patricia & Jeff Barr, Jackie & Scott Bauer, Julie & Jay Brandrup, Audrey & William Dwyer, Colleen & Phillip Feather,  Ingrid & Christian Lobaugh, Poonam & Amrit Mehta

Excellence Awards: Emmadell & Wallace Vernon, Jody & David Wolfe, Sheri & Neal Stanger, Poonam & Amrit Mehta, Brownie & Tom Shott, Eric & Sabrina Bluestone, Julie & Jay Brandrup, Michelle & Michael D’Agostino, Bryan Glines, Dayna Hardwick, Suzanne & Ray Koudelka, Sandy & Phil Kurby, Kristen & Jason Matthew, Tina & Rik Menconi, Tracy & Mike Roth, Corki & Chris Roth, Deanna & Bill Steinhauser

Creative Fundraising Award: Minnie Lambert