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Our camp is run by Corporate Kids Events (CKE). Individuals with CHARGE attend Camp at no cost.  There is an additional registration fee for all other campers.

CKE does not provide any medical care such as g-tube feedings, suctioning, etc. You will be able to go into camp to attend to these needs. There will be one nurse available for emergencies.


  • All campers must be registered online prior to the conference. The link to the Camp registration form will also be provided when you register for conference.
  • It is very important that each individual Camp registration form be filled out completely. This is your opportunity to give the Day Camp staff the best picture of what makes your child special, as well as his/her needs . The Camp Leadership Team wants to know as much as we can about your child. The form is the beginning of the process for placement in the appropriate environment and to determine optimum staffing needs.
  • The camper registration information is kept with the Leadership Team onsite in camp for easy access and review.


Day Camp Options

Campers can attend the camp that best reflects the level of support needed.

1:1 supervision in Camp is available from CKE for an additional fee of $225. Personal nurses or caregivers (over age 18) are allowed to attend Camp to support your son or daughter (no additional CKE fee), but they must be registered for conference

CAMP DISCOVERY ~ for siblings and more independent individuals with CHARGE

  • If the individual with CHARGE can participate in typical Camp activities with minimal support, can perform ADLs independently with occasional reminders, and can communicate their wants and needs, choose Camp Discovery. Campers with higher needs who have 1:1 support or personal caregiver are also welcome. The ratio of staff to campers follows:
    • Infants  0 to 2 Years: 1:2
    • Children 3 to 4 Years: 1:4
    • Children 5 to 7 Years: 1:5
    • Children 8 to 12 Years: 1:6
    • Children 13 to 17 Years: 1:8

CAMP EXPLORER ~ for anyone needing higher levels of assistance

  • This Camp is for Individuals having additional needs and a more structured environment. For example, those who require assistance with ADLs, mobility or behavior management might be best served through Camp Explorer.
  • Camp Explorer will be staffed at a 1:2 staff to camper ratio.

A family interview with a Camp Leadership Team member can be arranged if there are questions about which Camp would best suit a child.

Activities/Special Events

  • Many activities are planned for all participants, ranging from typical camp activities to music and quiet play.
  • Individual and group activities are planned, all providing children the opportunity to explore, build relationships and relate to their peers.
  • No field trips are part of Camp. The facilities are extensive and themes for activities include Wacky Olympics, TS Super Heroes, and How the West Was Fun.
  • A professionally staffed multi-sensory room for sensory calming as well as sensory stimulation will be available to all campers during their time at camp. This room can be utilized as often as needed to maximize camper’s involvement in all camp activities.
  • NOTE: There is a water park at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, but swimming will NOT be a camp activity. As a family, you may choose to take advantage of on-site and nearby attractions.


CKE trained staff supports many conferences in the Dallas area. The staff is experienced in day camp activities and has an expertise with children of all ages.

  • CKE staff members for this conference are completely vetted by the CKE Camp Leadership Team and must pass a background check. All staff are required to participate in a pre‑conference educational session about CHARGE syndrome and many are CPR-certified.
  • Camp staff includes professionals in various areas: pediatric PT/OT, sensory integration specialists, special education teachers/aides, autism specialists, nurses, etc. All have prior experience and/or related education.
  • There will be people in camp who sign, however, 1:1 sign language interpreting will not be provided.


The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation works with CKE to provide Camp volunteers with sign language knowledge. All volunteers must be 18 years or older and pass a background check.

If you are local to Dallas and know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering, please contact Joanne@chargesyndrome.org.


  • Medications may be brought into the Camp area and administered by a parent.


  • No food or drink is permitted in the Camp area.

Emergency Procedures

  • A Texas-licensed nurse will be on call and on premises during camp. The nurse is responsible for everyone in Camp and cannot attend to any individual’s routine medical needs (e.g. trach care, g-tube, etc.).
  • Any injury or medical emergency that requires immediate attention will be handled through 911 and the local paramedic/fire department.

Our Commitment to CHARGE Families

Our commitment to each camper is to provide a safe, loving, fun environment that provides all participants with experiences that enhance their curiosity, exploration, and discovery!

Our commitment to all parents is to provide a safe, loving, fun environment for their child/children/dependent adult in an accepting environment. Because of this, our hope is that each parent can relax and enjoy the conference, meet the experts and researchers, and network with other families who share your experiences living with CHARGE.

Camp Leadership Team

Corporate Kids Events: Garen Gouveia, President; Eddy Lyons, Special Needs Coordinator; Nicole Weaver, Staffing Coordinator; Brook Lyons, Camp Administrator

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation: Amrit Mehta, Mike Fagbemi


Sign Language Interpreting at Camp
Please note that although sign language interpretation will be offered for those attending conference sessions, interpreting is NOT offered in camp. There will be interpreters “roaming” camp to assist the camp company and we are actively recruiting camp volunteers who know sign language.

If you are local to Dallas and know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering, please fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION or contact joanne@chargesyndrome.org with any questions.


We are thrilled to be offering our wildly popular Sibshops again. These fun-filled, half-day workshops are designed for typically developing siblings who are 8-13 years of age. It’s a safe space just for them to meet, share, and have fun. Siblings will be escorted by the camp company to the Sibshop workshop room. You can sign up for Sibshop on the registration form.

Junior Leaders
Our Junior Leaders are siblings ages 14 years and older. These siblings will help the leaders of the Sibshops program. You can sign up to be a junior leader on the registration form.

*Note: Foundation members get priority for Sibshop registration.