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Register for Camp HereOur camp is run by Corporate Kids Events (CKE).  You will register your son or daughter directly with Corporate Kids Events.  This is a SEPARATE registration form from the conference registration form.

Conference registration covers the cost of camp.  If you wish your son or daughter to have 1:1 supervision in camp, this is available for an additional fee with the camp company.

CKE does not handle any medical issues such as g-tube feedings, suctioning, etc.  There will be one nurse available for emergencies at camp.  You will be able to go down to camp and give tube feedings, etc. and personal nurses or caregivers (over age 18) are allowed in camp, but they need to be registered for conference. The minimum age for camp is 8 weeks.


young boy with trach and ventilator sits on floor surrounded by toys at campThere will be two Camp Options:

Camp Discovery – Less staff per # of campers.

Camp Explorer
–  more structure and more staff per # of campers.



Participants for both camps will be together for certain fun activities.

There will be a professionally-staffed calm room containing sensory items and a soothing atmosphere which will be available if campers need a space/time to calm down.


Camp Abilities at the 13th international charge syndrome conference



Camp Abilities

We are thrilled to have Camp Abilities back running a program throughout the conference.  Our campers will have the opportunity to try different sports and activities led by Dr. Lauren Lieberman, Dr. Pamela Haibach-Beach,  Dr. Beth Foster and a staff of professionals from the fields of physical and special education!



Camp photo of young girl standing beneath a parachute


Sign Language Interpreting at Camp

Please note that sign language interpretation will be offered for those attending conference sessions. You will indicate sign language interpretation needed on conference registration form. Interpretation is NOT offered in camp, however, there will be interpreters “roaming” camp to assist camp company.  There might also be some camp volunteers who know sign language.

Young boy wearing a cochlear implant works on a project at camp